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Q: Where can my gift card be used for?
A: The Greystone Gift Card can be used for hotel accommodations, dining and spa services managed by The Greystone

Q: Can paper gift certificates still be used?
A: Yes, all paper based Greystone gift certificates will be honored

Q: Where can I purchase a Gift Card?
A: Gift Cards can be purchased online here, via telephone at 828-966-4700, or in person through our front desk at The Greystone

Q: In what denominations are gift cards sold?
A: The Greystone gift card can be purchased online in any denomination ranging from $25 to $10,000. To purchase larger orders, please call 828-966-4700, where our staff will be pleased to assist you

Q: Can I purchase more than one card?
A: Yes, you may purchase an unlimited number of cards and each new order can total up to $10,000. To purchase larger orders, please contact 828-966-4700 where our staff will be pleased to assist you

Q: When will my credit card be charged?
A: When ordering online or via the phone, your credit card will be charged immediately after you finalize and confirm the purchase. When buying a gift card in person at The Greystone, your credit card will be charged at the time of signature

Q: How long does it take for a gift card to be delivered?
A: The delivery time will depend on the delivery service you coose. For deliveries outside the US, all gift cards are delivered via Federal Express, however, within the US, there are three choices for delivery:

  • Standard (3 – 5 business days)
  • U.S. Postal Service ( 5 – 7 business days)
  • Courier…

Q: Does the full value of the gift card have to be redeemed at once?
A: The Greystone gift card is designed to carry a balance therefore, if a guest uses a gift card to pay for something of lesser value than is stored on the card, the amount of the purchase will be subtracted and the remaining balance will stay on the card for future use.

Q: Can I add value to my card:
A: Yes, value can be added or reloaded onto gift cards. This can be done easily online here, by contacting 828-966-4700 or in person at The Greystone

Q: Can a gift card be redeemed for cash?
A: The Greystone gift card cannot be redeemed for cash and can only be used as payment at The Greystone

Q: How can I find the balance on my card:
A: To check your balance, please go here, contact Guest Services at 828-966-4700 or 803-648-1898 or visit us in person at The Greystone

Q: How do I register my card?
A: You can register a gift card here, and follow the steps to register your card. This process creates an account where you can add additional cards or value. There is no fee to register or manager your gift card account

Q: Why do I need to register my card:
A: By registering a gift card you are protecting your card balance. If you report your card lost or stolen, your balance will be frozen and transferred to a new card, which will be sent to you by mail.

Q: What do I do if my gift card is lost or stolen?
A: If your card is registered, simply log into your account and mark the card as Lost. A replacement card will be sent to you within 5 days. If you have not registered your card, simply call Guest Services at 828-966-4700 or 803-648-1898 and provide the gift card number and order information or receipt of purchase. Confirm we’re notified when someone marks their card as lost in the system so we know to call, confirm address etc. before we send out another card

Q: What happens if I find a gift card that I reported lost or stolen?
A: Please discard any cards that have been reported lost or stolen. Once the card balance has been frozen it is transferred to a new gift card; therefore the old card has not value and cannot be accepted for payment.